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Infocom was among the first companies in Italy to introduce the decentralization of activities exploiting the web with its Self Service and the workflow engine.


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Thanks to the wide and multisectoral client base (about 500 clients in all sectors), Infocom has developed models of "click and get"reports , based on the client’s best practices.
The combination of technical expertise and functional expertise has always guaranteed fast implementations and guaranteed service delivery times.

3 customers on 4 who have chosen an Infocom application have also chosen the service mode; certainty of the result, timeliness, flexibility, availability, in a word, serenity to allow the company to focus on its core business.

Infocom products are interfaced with the top players of the payroll in Italy. 54,000 users (employees, managers, HR professionals) access monthly to an Infocom application

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