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Infobudget is the service dedicated to the HR Budget and forecast management.

Two important data to be shared:

Despite the advent of machines and automation, the weight of personnel costs in the company budgets has remained very important; It is said an average two thirds of the final total costs.

To date, 30% of Italian companies still use a simple spreadsheet to calculate their own HR budget.

Monitoring and managing the cost of Human Resources has become strategic for successful businesses. Improve a few points, or know in advance how it this cost will change over time, it has become crucial to make the right decisions, to change / adapt the implementation of corporate strategy.

Chosen by over 400 companies from various business sectors, Infobudget supports the Departments of Human Resources in making vital decisions for the enterprise; Infobudget allows not only to monitor the month-to-month trend of the costs, but gives the opportunity to simulate different future medium and long term business scenarios.

A genuine control tower of the personnel costs, Infobudget allows companies to keep an eye on more than half of its costs!

It is a flexible and powerful system at the service of the company.


The service provides for the making available to the customer of an application for the monthly management of personnel costs and useful staff to the predisposition and elaboration of the budget and periodic forecast. The application is hosted in the Infocom datacenter.

On a monthly basis the necessary operations are made by Infocom to ensure alignment with the Infobudget final balance form with the payroll module of the client.

For activities associated with the forecast, Infobudget has a standard preloaded calculation form (Social Security, Termination bonus, Seniority accruals, Additional months, Salaries provisions, Holidays, etc ...).

In the bosom of the calculation engine, are available the accounting by competence, the management of multiple heads in hiring and termination, the employee workforce forecasting as well as the automatic separation of the hired/terminated employees from the forecast results.

Some of the features available:
• Sub totals for orders/cost centers.
• Multicompany and multicontractual management
• Contemporary management of several estimates and versions.
• Guided extrapolation of data (cost, general ledger, payroll) from the order to the aggregate, from one month to "nr" months.
• Standard Reports already prepared "click and get"
• Use of customized layouts in Excel directly fed by the budget procedure.