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The software solution that enables companies clients to live the Income tax statement preparation period peacefully.

InfoCur is installed in the network or in single-user mode at the customer.

The InfoCur procedure allows the following operations:
• interactive multi-company management of all the form sections
• import data from payroll and accounting (from ministerial files of the current year, the previous year, from Info770 data base, from Infocom data layout)
• laser printing and archiving in PDF format of all sections of the form
• balancing
• diagnostics
• export to xls file and ministerial format

System management functionalities:
• Basic data management(companies, professionals intermediaries)
• Income tax statement management (Employment- Self Employment, CT section)
• Test prints drafts
• System tables management (system, municipalities and foreign countries, activity codes, users)
• Diagnostics statements (with the possibility of executing external programs)
• CU official prints and files