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InfoTime is born with the aim of simplifying the data generation process for wages.

Passing from the employee to his manager and/or from the secretary, to the professional of the HR office: everyone, thanks to InfoTime, is guided to optimize its intervention in this delicate but essential process, which repeats every month.


Multisectoral implementations which have been carried out from 2004


Time sheet processed monthly


Users who access every month to InfoTime

Moreover, in addition to the normal functions of a T&A management system, InfoTime allows you to work by contract, to organize and plan the shifts and also to import disease events extracted from the INPS website. Administrative users have access to an extensive library of pre-configured reports, the result of our long experience.


InfoTime is a T&A management service hosted in the Infocom datacenter. It can be interfaced with external systems for Payroll-time reporting.

To complete the application, there are two service modes available: basic and advanced.

Basic service: The customer through the functionality of the system, within the time and manner agreed, performs the loading of all the supporting documents, closes working days and cares about balancing the attendance. After these activities Infocom starts the closing process of the month and provides the Customer with the flows able to supply the Payroll or other applications containing the justified information, according to the defined monthly operating calendar.

Advanced service: on behalf of the client, Infocom provides to solve the anomalies reported by the application and makes the balancing of the time sheets. For the closing of the time sheets, Infocom applies the rules agreed with the customer (company policies) to remove the anomalies. At the end of the closing process of the time sheets, Infocom provides the Payroll system or other application flows containing the substantiated information, according to the monthly operating schedule agreed.

In addition to these flows, Infocom is making available on site a wide range of pre-configured reports of the "click and get" type.