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Infotravel is the management service for the mission, travel and expenses reports, hosted in the Infocom datacenter.

Infotravel represents for the company the most punctual, accurate and effective tool to monitor the movements and expenses of its employees.




expenses reports


users enabled to manage their
own missions and expenses


The application InfoTravel allows staff who has to make a business trip to:
• Plan and organize their own missions
• Prepare the expenses report automatically from the data of the mission authorized
• Report business trips expenses and make the balance of these expenses
• Access to the business trip history and archived expenses reports

The application InfoTravel allows the company to:
• Manage the authorization and control process
• Manage the various user profiles (employee, manager, secretary, controller, administrator)
• Manage the link with the travel agency for the ticket issue
• Enable the corporate travel policies
• Validate and control expense report
• Monitor all workflow processes (authorization and control) through an efficient email notification system

• Manage cars (business, personal or pooled) and fares for mileage reimbursement
• Manage business credit cards
• Produce the useful flows to the payment of the expenses report (payroll, bank accounts etc ...).

The users, through the InfoTravel front-end proceed to loading mission requirements and expenses incurred. During this phase the system automatically checks compliance with implemented travel policies and also guarantees the activation of the various authorization workflow and control processes.
At the end of such activities and/or at the customer's request, Infocom starts the month closing processes, provides the Payroll or the accounting system generating flows, according to the data layout and schedule agreed and publish towards the various actors in the process the whole series of reports useful and necessary for the performance of its own role.